Commits | git log --pretty=oneline --abbrev-commit

ebb8d19 v2.18.7 - About updates, project updates, error page error fix.
242feb8 v2.18.6m - Merge
462613e v2.18.5 - Projects.
bc51e2a v2.18.4 - ZeroScan iOS 1.2.0 & OSX 1.0.5
18c0368 v2.18.3 - ZeroScan Mac 1.0.4 update.
acd2f24 v2.18.2 - New job.
74fdec2 v2.18.1 - Projects can now be weighted.
4e2ca2b v2.17.3 - Project update.
9abfc1c v2.17.2 - ZeroScan changelog updates.
cbe7fa1 v2.17.1 - Fixed Titles
f089196 v2.16.15 - Zeroscan v1.0.2 & v1.0.5
6cb913c v2.16.14 - About Updates.
0207839 v2.16.13 - Updated the list.
e94bea9 v2.16.12 - The truth.
55d5b21 v2.16.11 - ZeroScan Android.
5aabac9 v2.16.10 - ZeroScan 1.0.4 update.
10bce1d v2.16.9 - ZeroScan iOS Update.
d3f225e v2.16.8 - ZeroScan iOS.
d9c5c5e v2.16.7 - Updates.
2ae161e v2.16.6 - Updates.
be9d9b7 v2.16.5 - Updates.
7fcf9e6 v2.16.4 - Fixed firefox display bug.
e80c37b v2.16.3 - Fixed style issues, increased visibility.
3c7c8be v2.16.2 - Added project, simple footer.
a9b7359 v2.16.1 - Updated image loading, removed some things.
8d702d3 v2.15.7 - ZeroScan fixed anchors.
0491041 v2.15.6 - ZeroScan 1.0.1
c652c76 v2.15.5 - ZeroScan launch.
aca3687 v2.15.4 - ZeroScan Tweaks.
f2233b3 v2.15.3 - ZeroScan Details.
d726737 v2.15.2 - ZeroScan rename.
6d194cb v2.15.1 - Updated scanner page.
f89c0ca v2.15.0 - Network scanner page.
b6010fd v2.14.2 - Updated about, and the footer.
e405cee exp_0001 - Starfield & Quadtree.
668a722 v2.14.1 - Added dumb tiny thing.
536e850 v2.14.0 - Added quadtree, updated experiments page.
5f4978d v2.13.2 - Updated about & backgrounds.
b935d42 v2.13.1 - Talks & Experiments loaded from files.
0c80281 v2.13.0 - Added experiments.
ca9df3e v2.12.0 - Added talks & test p5.js sketch.
c490f08 v2.11.1 - Indentation matters.
70bb3af v2.11.0 - Added a random error page, because, reasons.
ff4edc4 v2.10.1 - Fixed error pages.
e9c2add v2.10.0 - Adding talks & workshops.
970aa6a v2.9.1 - Simple security update.
325185b v2.9.0 - New URL scheme & image attributions.
7a8b145 v2.8.11 - Padding, dates & new image.
f857b6c v2.8.10 - Added a feature the website did not need.
165f279 v2.8.9 - Testing commit hooks.
f41ca85 v2.8.8 - Moved version to own file, added sitemap/robots rule.
ddef325 v2.8.7 - Added tracking.
578a521 v2.8.6 - SEO.
d3f091f v2.8.5 - Absolute URLs.
799d28e v2.8.4 - Project updates.
5d037d8 v2.8.3 - Added hidden projects.
51860ac v2.8.2 - More backgrounds.
11d5036 v2.8.1 - Version CSS to bypass cache.
724df98 v2.8.0 - Optional image descriptions.
8db8627 v2.7.0 - Project Descriptions & links.
b564ba3 v2.6.3 - Favicon.
b05b01c v2.6.2 - Mobile CSS.
10321eb v2.6.1 - Updated ini files, and BG images.
781a953 v2.6.0 - Near final desktop style.
4b5754d v2.5.1 - Trying to fix venv.
f73ebb3 v2.5.0 - Added projects, and image display.
035c19b v2.4.0 - Added projects & project list.
a499a5e v2.3.0 - Added scanner and bio.
a677691 v2.2.0 - Info block / 404 formatting.
53cbf19 v2.1.0 - Error in place.
48255cf v2.0.3 - CSS Issues.
0822791 v2.0.2 - CSS Fix.
39f835e Merge branch 'master' of $SOURCE_CONTROL_URL
6b4a730 v2.0.1 - Fixed import issue.
70645fc Merge branch 'master' of $SOURCE_CONTROL_URL
156b1fb v2.0.0 - New layout.
5c6a8dc Added go to bash pro.
80432c6 v1.1.1 - Tweaking layout & links.
737be3e v1.1.0 - Added SSL config files.
07c4894 v1.0.1 - Base layouts & error page.
5c28423 Some structure
7310c7f Added aliases
832b967 Added bash profile, updated scripts.
bb61c68 Added deployment scripts.
3226c38 Added config files to repo w/ symlinks.
50ab06c Initial Commit.