notes/slitscan - 05/06/23
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TouchDesigner First Step Pt. 3 - Slit-Scanning

While I don't think this is a true slit-scan effect it was the shorthand I used for naming the files. In actuality something like "rectangular division and averaging" might be more accurate, but that's overly verbose and boring.

Finished effect Finished Effect

The base network is just a video in and a CHOP constant to set the rectangle width, the key here was me learning how replicators worked in TD. This was a bit of an adjustment coming from the programming world. The replicator requires you to generate a table of values for it to replicate operators against. It makes sense when viewed from a TD lense, but I promise I will never take a for loop for granted again.

Replicators Replicators

And now we can get to...

The Cropper The Cropper

All this for a dad joke, shameful...

The cropper used a starting offset and the width of the rectangle to crop the image down, average it, and draw the constant color over it. I would really like to replace this with K-Means Clustering of all the colors in the slice. I think this, with some work, would result in brighter more accurate colors. The act of averaging the colors creates a little bit of a more muddy result than I would like.

Finished effect x3 Finished Effect x3

This is the same effect applied to the trailers for The Mandalorian S1-S3.

TD files are binaries, so they are terrible on GIT, but despite that they can be found here:

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