Jordan C. Parsons
Technology Production Director

Jordan C. Parsons is a developer, designer, and manager whose work attempts to bridge software, hardware, and fabrication. He is always trying to learn, and explore the space between the digital and physical worlds. He is a self-taught programmer and electronic engineer who graduated from the BArch program at Carnegie Mellon University School of Architecture in Pittsburgh, PA.

After graduating from CMU he spent two years working in Montreal, CA for Rafael Lozano-Hemmer as a digital fabricator and architect. Helping design and program new media artworks across the world.

He spent 6 years working for Iontank as Technical Director creating interactive art installations and software systems. Working closely with clients, fabricators, and engineering teams he helped guide the budgets, development, installation, and support of large scale projects.

Jordan joined Gensler in 2021 as a Technology Production Lead. Where he is working to help the Digital Experience Design team work with clients to deliver high-quality interactive experiences as Technology Production Director. He is also Technology Discipline Co-Lead, where he works to set the technical direction and standards for the development processes used by the practice.

He is currently working on an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh.