2023-03-14 20:00

That's it, I'm done writing a first post here right? As a "developer" (whatever that means), my requirement has been satisfied, the repo is no longer blank, there is something to work from now.

In reality it should be more than that, there should be thoughts around purpose and intent, grand plans or pragmatic goals. I think that's easy: communication.

I don't write, but I want to try it. Sure, client emails, work communications, technical documentation, code, all that stuff is a constant in my life, but I don't write in a way that is not work. Sure most of what I put here will be work in one form or another, but it will be for me, and I think that is the difference.

The real Initial Commit. of this is probably this post about minimalist wallpapers for what that's worth.

Let's see where this goes.

Jordan C. ParsonsRidge Wallpaper ->