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LED constellation | Iontank
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PCB Design | Iontank
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A starry sky | Iontank

The constellation lights are a series of 1000 custom LED boards placed in a ceiling to simulate the night sky. The system uses 5 control and power nodes to drive up to 32 chains of 12 boards with each board having 20 RGBW LEDs on it. The boards are 24" x 2" and cut out in a dynamic pattern in an attempt to blend them into the ceiling. Controlled by one main piece of software the entire system is treated as a canvas that the animation system draws on top of. The boards extend the LED data much farther than is typically viable, along with 24VDC which is regulated onboard, before passing it on to the next board via an ethernet cable. The boards do not need to be addressed or programmed and can be hot-swapped for easy replacement.

Responsible for all electronics design, integration, planning, ordering, and software management. Involved in the projects from concept development to installation on site. Oversaw UL field inspection and certification.